Landscapes Of War, Landscapes Of Peace

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In three autonomous yet interconnected chapters, the experimental documentary work "Landscapes of War, Landscapes of Peace" seeks to explore the possibilites of a landscape-focused approach to the topics of war and memory. Structured along the theme of “past-present-future”, the film uses a combination of archive, live action and underwater footage to depict the chronological events of the war in question - the Kosovo War of 1998 and 1999, the extant and disappeared remnants of this conflict, as well as a semi-abstract vision of a time in which everything is all but forgotten. Along this journey, the film incorporates and examines the questions of individual and cultural memory, the existence of alternative cinematic methods of accounting for the past and landscapes as potential transmitters of complex historical narratives.

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Direction: Aron Sekelj

Original Title: Pejzaži rata, pejzaži mira

Original Language: No dialogue

Film Production Countries: Serbia, Germany


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