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Film Still "In Order of Disappearance"

In Order of Disappearance

Hans Petter Moland 2014 112 Min
Nils ploughs snow in the wild winter mountains of Norway, …
Film Still "Jack"


Edward Berger 2014 98 Min
For Jack (10), having a family is the most important …
Film Still "Mike"


Petros Silvestros 2014 8 Min
Mike, a sulky teenager has to do a boring job …
Film Still "Rain"


Johannes Stjärne Nilsson 2014 9 Min
A woman wakes up from rain on her pillow. When …
Film Still "Circuit"


Robert Gwisdek 2014 15 Min
Through unknown circumstances, a young man gets caught up in …
Film Still "The Run"

The Run

Stefan Najib 2014 25 Min
Martin is a teacher at a local high school. He …
Film Still "Coach"


Ben Adler 2014 14 Min
A divorced father, takes his 14 years-old son to France …
Film Still "The Farewell Party"

The Farewell Party

Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit 2014 89 Min
A compassionate dark comedy about friendship and knowing when to …
Film Still "Mad Love"

Mad Love

Jessica Hausner 2014 92 Min
Berlin, the Romantic Era. Young poet Heinrich wishes to conquer …
Film Still "Arteholic"


Hermann Vaske 2014 82 Min
As Udo Kier guides us through Europe's galleries, he comes …
Film Still "To Life!"

To Life!

Uwe Janson 2014 87 Min
Fate has taken its toll on the aging cabaret singer …
Film Still "Be My Baby"

Be My Baby

Christina Schiewe 2014 101 Min
Nicole is 18 and has Down syndrome. She wants to …
Film Still "The Blue Room"

The Blue Room

Mathieu Amalric 2014 80 Min
A man and a woman, secretly in love, alone in …
Film Still "Far From Men"

Far From Men

David Oelhoffen 2014 97 Min
Algeria, 1954. Two very different men thrown together by a …
Film Still "Hockney"


Randall Wright 2014 112 Min
Born in 1937, David Hockney has spent his life working …
Film Still "In the Basement"

In the Basement

Ulrich Seidl 2014 82 Min
People and their cellars are a very unique duo. The …
Film Still "In the Crosswind"

In the Crosswind

Martti Helde 2014 83 Min
An emotional and tragic movie about mass deportation to Siberia …
Film Still "Corn Island"

Corn Island

George Ovashvili 2014 96 Min
Swollen up by the spring inundation, the river falls down …
Film Still "Civil Servants"

Civil Servants

Marie Wilke 2014 90 Min
Civil Servants follows the first year of young police officers …
Film Still "My Skinny Sister"

My Skinny Sister

Sanna Lenken 2014 94 Min
12-year-old Stella is in the midst of puberty. She struggles …
Film Still "Timbuktu"


Abderrahmane Sissako 2014 97 Min
Not far from the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu, proud …
Film Still "The Culpable"

The Culpable

Gerd Schneider 2014 95 Min
The life and faith of a Catholic prison minister is …
Film Still "Alienation"


Laura Lehmus 2014 7 Min
An animation-short about puberty, based on real life interviews with …
Film Still "Delay"


Tomas Leach 2014 7 Min
One of the last remaining secrets that men still hold …
Film Still "Baits and Hooks"

Baits and Hooks

Luka Popadic 2014 10 Min
Two fishing buddies, Big Brother and some fish stew. Two …
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