Trans Bavaria

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The revolution speaks Bavarian: Since he could think, Quirin (19) has quarrelled with the fate laid out for him as the son of two liberal educators in Lower Bavaria. Having just graduated from high school with the best grades, he is on the verge of taking the most brutal job that Bavaria has to offer: Revolutionary.

Together with his two friends, Joker and Wursti, he leaves after graduation in a stolen butcher's van. The destination is the Red Square in Moscow, where he wants to get professional advice from Fidel Castro. They have only packed a box Spezi and a useless map. An adventurous journey unfolds.

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Direction: Konstantin Ferstl

Script: Konstantin Ferstl

Cast: Marcel Despas, Lukas Schätzl, Johannes Damjantschitsch, Eisi Gulp, Hansi Kraus

Original Title: Trans Bavaria

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Countries: Germany, Poland


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