The Amazing Catfish

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Claudia, a lonely young woman, works in a supermarket. One night, she ends up in the hospital with a severe case of appendicitis. There, she meets Martha, the woman resting in the bed next to hers. Martha, who lives alone with her four children, gains Claudia's trust. When she gets out of the hospital, she spontaneously offers Claudia to go home with them. Getting to know this family makes Claudia feel at ease. And for the first time she experiences a sense of belonging in this peculiar little tribe. As Martha's health weakens every day the bond Claudia has with each member of the family grows stronger.

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Direction: Claudia Sainte-Luce

Script: Claudia Sainte-Luce

Cast: Lisa Owen, Ximena Ayala, Sonia Franco, Wendy Guillén, Andrea Baeza

Original Title: Los insòlitos peces gato

Original Language: Spanish

Subtitles: German

Film Production Countries: Mexico, France


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