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Parvaneh is a young, Afghan migrant who lives in a transit centre for asylum in the Swiss mountains.
The only thing she knows of Switzerland is the countryside and the residential home. Once she hears about her father's health condition she wants to go to the city to send her entire savings to her homeland. As soon as she sets foot into the city, Parvaneh is overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle, the fluorescent billboards and the click-clack of the train tracks. Since Parvaneh does not own a valid I.D., she cannot wire the money. The only person willing to help her is a punk girl. This is the starting point of various encounters.

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Direction: Talkhon Hamzavi

Script: Talkhon Hamzavi

Cast: Nissa Kashani, Cheryl Graf

Original Title: Parvaneh

Original Languages: German, Persian, Swiss German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Switzerland


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