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Millennials follows its two protagonists Anne and Leo like a wandering companion. Both in their early thirties, they are close friends but not a couple. What connects them is their urban background and their cosmopolitan attitude. Where they differ is their completely diverging approach to the little things in life. Their days and nights are full of possibility and yet nothing presents itself as inevitable. Anne is a successful director pursuing her career with singleminded determination. But she doesn’t have much of a social life. Leo’s head is in the clouds.
He wants to be a photographer and is yearning to love and be loved. Their personal encounters and inspirational adventures cause them to realise the limitations of their varying approaches to life.

Millennials is an atmospheric trip into the ‘sentimental education’ of two individualists that describes both their failures and their moments of personal happiness. An urban fairy-tale with a documentary feel, suspended in a strange limbo and oscillating between the here and now and a sophisticated narrative structure.

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Direction: Jana Bürgelin

Cast: Leonel Dietsche, Anne Zohra Berrached

Original Title: Millennials

Original Languages: English, German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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