Land of Storms

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Szabolcs plays in a German football team, as does Bernard. They are roommates, best friends, inseparable. A lost match and an ugly argument make Szabolcs reconsider his life, and he returns to Hungary with hopes of a simpler life. His solitude does not last long, however, and soon after his arrival he meets Áron. A mutual attraction develops between the two boys when Szabolcs receives an unexpected phone call from Bernard: he has arrived in Hungary...

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Direction: Ádám Császi

Script: Ádám Császi, Iván Szabó

Cast: András Sütö, Ádám Varga, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Eniko Börcsök, Ottó Lajos Horváth

Original Title: Viharsarok

Original Languages: German, Hungarian

Subtitles: German

Film Production Countries: Germany, Hungary


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