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Since Jiro lost his wife, his heart is set on his pet turtle. Jiro’s son Noboru hates his father, school, and everything. One day in summer, Jiro’s missing brother Shintaro suddenly visits them with his fiancée. Shintaro forces Jiro to go on a trip together for their wedding ceremony. The journey of four people and a turtle goes reckless and crazy because of Shintaro. And another purpose of the journey gradually comes to light that is related to the death of Jiro’s wife.

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Direction: Tadashi Nagayama

Script: Yuriko Suzuki, Tadashi Nagayama

Cast: Yohta Kawase, Kanji Tsuda, Shoichiro Tanigawa, Tadahiro Tsuru, Natsuki Mieda

Original Title: 天然☆生活

Original Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Japan


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