Among Men – Gay in East Germany

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More than two decades ago, a country in Europe existed that marked the border to a different political and economic system, yet was the very heart of the continent. This country, called the German Democratic Republic, made Socialism a reality and was home to 17 million people. Born in the deep eastern provinces, Ringo Rösener merely witnessed the collapse of East Germany as a nation. Ringing in the new millennium, he leaves his home town of Anklam to live out his homosexuality – something he had never dared to do. Would an openly gay life even have been possible in the real Socialist system? Ringo Rösener meets six gay men who lived in the GDR. Some of them speak openly about their sexuality for the first time in their lives. Little by little, they open up, begin to share their own personal stories and talk about their lives in the supposedly uniform state.

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Direction: Ringo Rösener, Markus Stein

Script: Ringo Rösener

Original Title: Unter Männern - Schwul in der DDR

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Germany


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